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Health Check


We offer routine health checks and lifestyle advice from both the doctors and nurses, which are aimed at preventing illness. If required you will be offered a blood test, and in conjunction with a physical examination, we can discuss a joint strategy for remaining healthy. Healthy living applies to all ages, but as we age, intervention is more likely to be of benefit.




We offer a service for smoking cessation, run by our nurses at all branches. You will be able to discuss reasons for smoking, and ways of stopping (and also reasons to why previous attempts have failed). You may be offered a variety of adjuncts, including nicotine replacement therapy which can help you to stop as part of a shared program.Cessation




A counselling service is operated by the PCT at the Rayleigh Road Branch. You can access it, by asking for a Therapy For You pack at reception. You may also wish to discuss your problems with a doctor. The counselling service specialises in CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and can address problems, such as anxiety, depression, health worries, and chronic pain, as well as many other problems.


Chronic Disease Management


We run specialised clinics for patients with a number of chronic illnesses. These include diabetes, chronic obstructive airways disease, ischaemic heart disease, hypertension and asthma, to name but a few. These conditions need annual review, requiring various test and examinations, which can be performed in the branches.


Medication Review


The doctors review your medication regularly. Often this can be done purely from your clinic records, at other times; it is appropriate to speak to you in person. We endeavour to do this during routine clinic appointments, but often there is not time for this to be done. As a result you may be invited to speak to a doctor regarding your medications. Please view this as an opportunity to ask questions about your medications.


Family Planning


Both our doctors and nurses can provide advice and prescriptions regarding different types of contraception. We are fortunate to have a number of skilled female doctors whom can provide more specialised female services such as coil insertion and pessary fitting. If you have a question about contraception please feel free to speak to one of the nurses or doctors.



Travel Clinic


We offer a travel clinic service, run by the nurses, which provides specialised advice on travel destinations, routine precautions as well as drug and vaccine prophylaxis. Certain destinations require vaccinations which require several weeks to confer protection, so it is important to contact the Travel Clinic early to ensure you can be properly and safely prepared. Please note that there may be a private prescription charge for some tablets (such as anti-malarial tablets and most vaccines).


Child Health Surveillance


As part of child health surveillance, we provide regular checks (such as 6-week baby check) for young children, and closely liaise with the Health Visitor to screen for any potential developmental problems. We are also able to provide vaccinations as part of the routine vaccination schedule – please see below. Simply book in to see a nurse, informing of which vaccine you require.


Child Immunisation



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