Useful Contacts

NHS Choices

A portal to the NHS online, with information about all conditions, self-help and information about available treatment options. An excellent site.


NHS 111

Provides advice on current problems, from swine flu to headaches, and also direct numbers to discuss problems.


NHS Essex

Your local PCT website. Information about local ventures, and the local implementation of national strategies.



Relate Provides information about relationships, sex, family counselling and counselling for persons of all ages. Has local links and lots of self help with life skills.



Excellent website about mental health. Information about conditions and links to local groups and has a mental health info line mindoinfoline which you can speak to a person about your condition.


Atrium Clininc and Therapy Centre

Southend local mental health providers website, with local information about appointments and accessing services, counselling and fact-sheets about coping with conditions such as grief, anger, stress and depression.


Essex Works

Essex County Council local website, with information from rubbish collection, police, travel to becoming a guardian.


Social Services

Essex County Council social service site, with information about adoption, social care, children and young people.



For women and children, the site provides information and contact numbers to call if you suffer from violence or other forms of abuse. Has lots of further useful links.



Provides emotional, confidential non-judgmental support for any problem big or small.


Southend General Hospital

Southend General Hospital website, with lots of information about the hospital and services provided.


Basildon Hospital

Information about the hospital and services.


Essex Police

Website for Essex police. With advice and contact numbers.


Citizens Advice Bureau

Advice about just about everything required about living in the UK, including money matters, housing, health and immigration.


Department of Works and Pensions

Information about work, allowances, and benefits.



Information about driving, and the implications of certain conditions on driving.


Patient Leaflets

An extremely useful website with lots of information about common ailments, treatments and remedies, everything from tinnitus to the menopause.



General advice for both patient and career with a review of recent research and links to local services.


Stroke Association

Information about strokes and treatment, in addition to an active forum for stroke patients.


British Lung Foundation

A comprehensive site catering with all aspects of lung conditions, from COPD, to lung cancer, giving information.


Age Concern

Lots of practical advice and fact-sheets from tax credit to living abroad. Has lots of local of links.


Glasgow Steps

A self-help site, split into 3 easy to understand section, information, assessment and self-help. Caters for problems such as depression, anger, anxiety and poor sleep.


Anxiety UK

Lots of information about anxiety, including PTSD, social phobias among a few. Practical advice with useful information.

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