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Eastwood Group Practice participation Group (PPG) has been working with the Practice for some years and will continue to evolve, embracing changes in line with the needs of our Patient Community, the Practice and NHS structures.


We aim to contribute improvements of the Eastwood Group Practice by fostering improved communication between Patients and Practice. We are not political or strategic but we do like to be kept informed of changes within the NHS that effect us all, taking the wider view in relation to the delivery of primary care and the commissioning of those services.


We meet once a month to report progress, share ideas and provide the impetus for activities and events. We don't just talk, we participate too. This might mean contributing articles and statements, the development of patient surveys, helping clinics and events or researching issues that have an impact on our community.  The membership is available to volunteer patients, members of the Practice team, Reception staff, Practice nurses, Managers and GP's.


We are all volunteers and welcome comments from patients who might not be able to come to our meetings, but nethertheless would like to contribute and/or be kept informed via email.  Our group is informal and as such, we do not have a formal constitution but this will always be open to review.  We do however have terms of reference, aims and objectives.  There are no set templates for how Patient Groups are set up and no automatic or direct funding so we are very much dependent upon the goodwill of Patients and Practice alike.


There are many changes ahead and Patient Participation Groups can be actively involved in bringing the patient perspective to clinicians and professionals.


If you would like to know more about the group, please contact the Practice Manager Angela Ince or PPG Chair Jenny Bailey 


We look forward to hearing from you, whether you would like to become a regular group member, If you would like to help out from time to time or to give us your views.  We welcome 'virtual' email members if that is easier and more effective for you.


Practice Manager

PPG Chair

Eastwood Group Practice PPG




We are located at:

Eastwood Group Practice

335 Eastwood Road North



If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


01702 529111


01702 421888

RAYLEIGH ROAD  01702 515289

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