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PPG Minutes September 18
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Minutes from PPG Meeting on 27th September 2018


The CCG advised that a Primary Care Strategy has been approved which will set out some key aims and local GP services. Practices have been divided into locality groups with a number of Practices within each group. The CCG would like to invite PPG members to their locality meetings to discuss these aims. Our Locality meeting is on the 15th October 6.30pm-8.30pm at the Leigh Community Centre, Elm Road, Leigh on Sea.


Dr Rizvi has now started working for the Practice.

The Head Nurse will now take on an Administravive role enabling the Doctors to see five more appointments each day. She will also be completing some of the nurse's administive duties releasing more appointments for their patients.

The  weekly Telephone Triage Service will continue. At present at least 50% of the clinic did not need a face to face appointment with a Doctor.

Belfairs branch is being extended to create four more rooms for the Doctors.

Members were invited to attend the Flu Clinics held throughout October. 

PPg Minutes Jul 18
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Minutes from PPG Meeting on 12th July 2018


Flu Clinics to be arranged throughout September and October split between under 65 and over 65.

IPLATO service is now up and running, more messages to be sent over the coming weeks and replies will be monitored.

Dr Rizvi will be joining the Practice on the 3rd September.

A new Triage Service has started one morning a week and has been going well.


PPG Minutes May 18
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               Minutes from PPG Meeting on 17th May 2018

                Open afternoon on the 4th July to encourage new PPG members.

                The new Iplato Service text message service update.

                 Practice to look setting up a Triage Service for patients.

                 Two new Doctors will be starting in July and September.




Minutes from PPG Meeting on 22nd March 2018
Discussion on how to improve the number of members. The practice welcomes a new Doctor. Dr Kuhan
The practice is now unable to offer a cryo service as nitrogen liquid is no loner provided by SGH. Update in regards to the merging of local hospitals.
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Discussed the website and links available. Also practice is looking to employ 2 new full time doctors. Flu clinics to begin in September this includes 3 Saturday clinics.Please see full minutes. The next PPG meeting will be held on the 21st September 17 and not the 28th as stated in the minutes.
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PPG MEETING 24th November

We are very sorry but the PPG meeting on the 24th November has been cancelled. This is due to sickness and no Doctor being available .   The next meeting will be held on the 12th January 2017 at Belfairs surgery at 6.30pm



The latest PPG meeting was held on the 30th June.  We discussed the new text message service "Mjog",  that the practice will be signing up to.   We also discussed the merge of Elmsleigh Drive Practice with ourselves in the next few months.   We are looking to arrange a futher information evening in the same format of our Diabetes evening next year. Please let us know your thoughts.   The next PPG meeting will be on the 8th September from 6.30 to 8.30pm at Belfairs surgery.   Please come along.    


PPG Meeting

http://PPG minutes April 001.tif‎ (3 MB‎) Meeting held on 14th April 2016.   In the meeting the Practice Manager advised the members of the changes within the practice, including the changes to the website and this PPG page, our online service, and the adverts for two new Doctors.   The PPG also welcomed two new members. Please see the attached for the full minutes.   The next meeting is on the 30th June at Belfairs branch at 6.30pm.   For meetings for the Govening Body in Public committee for the CCG are held at Priory Suite, Harcourt House, Harcourt Ave, Southend on Sea, SS2 6HT,  for anyone that would like to attend the remaining dates are as follows:- 2nd June 16 4th August 16 6th October 16 1st December 16 2nd February 17 30th march 17 I hope the above information is helpful.      



There was a PPG meeting in February where several issues were discussed including saying goodbye to  Dr Bradford who has now left and that  Dr Prasad will be starting in April. Dr Prasad is a well established GP who some of you may remember as he has worked here in the past.   Also Sam our prescribing nurse is currently undertaking 2 minor ailment sessions per week to assist with the Doctors appointments.   The minutes for the above are available to view at the bottom of the page just click the link to enable you to see all that was discussed.   If you are interested in joining the PPG or the Virtual PPG please asks for the forms at reception. We are hoping to add these to the website to enable you to print them off within the near future.   The next PPG meeting will be held on 14th April 16, at Belfairs surgery at 6.30pm. Anyone that would like to come along is welcome.   PPG MEETING - FEB 16    


2014 – 2015

Patient Participation Group Survey   The PPG survey has now been completed for the year 2014/2015 with over 150 surveys completed.   The PRG survey is now available on our website. The survey explains about our new PPG virtual group and the top 3 priority areas for the practice to work on this year including our open evening St Peter's church in Eastwood Road North on the 30th April between 6.30pn to 8.30pm. All patients of the practice are welcome. The topic for the evening will be Diabetes how to manage/prevent. Our Dr Khawaja and 2 of our nurse's will be doing a talk on Diabetes and lifestyle. Members of the PPG will also be attending.   The results of the survey were analysed and discussed by the patient group, and several changes to the practice have been implemented. These include:

  • Taking on a new Prescribing nurse.
  • Opening evening events.

  The full survey can be downloaded here PRG SURVEY 2013-2014

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