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EASTWOOD GROUP PRACTICE is part of the West Locality Group in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex


The West Locality Group is a collection of 6 like-minded Practices that provide Primary Care Services to the population known as the West Locality within Southend-on-Sea CCG.


The Group Members are :


Highlands Surgery

Dr Krishnan

Eastwood Group Practice

Pall Mall Surgery

The Leigh Surgery


Each Practice maintains it's own identity and legal entity, but has chosen to work in collaboration with other local Practices in the aim to develop a range of sustainable and quality services. 

In the future new services may be delivered by your Practice or from one or more of the above locations.


If you would like to know more about the collaboration please contact Julie Styles via email:


GP Net Earnings


As part of our contractual requirement NHS England requires that the Net Earnings of Doctors employed in this practice is published on our website.   You should be aware that the prescribed method for calculating earnings could be misleading, as they are only based on an average for a fulltime Doctor at 9 sessions and does not take into account how many actual hours the Doctor spends working in the practice or visiting patients.   The average figure should not be used to form a judgment about GP's earning or make any comparison with any other practice.   The average earning for a GP working at Eastwood Group Practice in the last financial year 2017-2018  before Tax, National Insurance and Pension Contributions is £82,833.00.


Special Medications


There are some medications which require monitoring (usually on an annual basis), in order to prevent toxicity. Common medications which require monitoring include, thyroxine, lithium, carbamazepine and phenytoin. If you take any of these medications you will require an annual blood test, and in the case of lithium a 6 monthly test.




We offer both, book on the day appointments and book in advance appointments, bookable over the following 4-6 weeks. We have a high ratio of appointments in relation to our patient population, helped by having three branches, but we acknowledge that it is not always possible to see the doctor you want at the time you want. All doctors work equally at our three branches, Belfairs, Kent Elms and Rayleigh Road, and you can be seen at any site once you are a registered patient. Our book on the day appointments open at 08:00, and are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is important to call early. Book in advance appointments should be made in the afternoon in order to free the phone lines in the morning. We have appointments that become available at 9:30am at all Branches for the following day. We also offer emergency clinics everyday in the morning and afternoon at all Branches.


Extended Hours


We offer extended clinics on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday  from 17:00 - 20.30 at the Belfairs Branch on Monday and till 20.30 on Wednesday  and Thursdays from 17:00 to 20:30 at the Rayleigh Road Branch. We also offer nurse's appointments on the Monday and Thursday's clinic's.  These appointments are intended for patients whom find it difficult to make surgeries during normal working hours for routine scheduled appointments. If you have access to the internet you will be able to book and view your appointments in advance through SystmOnline.


Out of Hours


Between the hours of 18:30-08:00 the following morning, there exists a triaging medical service. This service is designed for emergencies and offers local GP appointments at Southend Hospital, Basildon, Brentwood and Grays. You will be automatically connected to this service by dialling the usual branch number. If your condition is life threatening you should call 999, otherwise the best place for information is NHS direct on 0845 4647.


Home Visits


We offer home visits, but these are intended for patients whom are physically unable to get to the their branch such as the elderly, frail and bedbound. They are not intended for patients whom it is inconvenient to get to the surgery. They are a huge resource on time, and commonly take up the equivalent of 6 normal clinical appointments. Home visits should be booked before 10:30am.




For repeat prescriptions please allow 48 hours for the scripts to be reviewed and signed. We do not accept requests for medications by phone, and therefore, requests should be hand-written or emailed. You must clearly write your name, date of birth, the medications and dosage that you require. If you have access to the internet you will be able to Order Your Prescriptions online here order prescriptions online using SystmOnline (click here). We regularly review your medications and sometimes we may stop medications, or ask you to speak to a doctor about a certain item. We review your medications annually, and you will be invited to speak or see a doctor regarding your medications.


Choose and Book


We offer Choose and Book, which allows you to choose where you would be like to be seen. Time and convenience are often the driving factors behind patient choice and this is often best served by the local NHS services, but please inform the doctor if you wish to be seen by a specific health provider.










Medical Examinations




We are located at:

Eastwood Group Practice

335 Eastwood Road North



If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


01702 529111


01702 421888

RAYLEIGH ROAD  01702 525289

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